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Ali Weiss and her family
Meet Ali, Our New CEO!
A year and a half after our first delivery, Loop continues to grow and develop at an amazing pace! We’ve passed the “crawling stage” and are now “walking”, so we want to share some updates on our progress.
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baby shower mom opening gifts
Best Baby Shower Gifts
Received an invite to a baby shower and don’t know where to begin? Looking for registry inspiration? I’m here to give you my honest take on the essentials and why renting just makes sense.
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baby sleeping in bassinet
Best Sleep Products
Sleep is not one of the foundations of health, it is the foundation of health. As a sleep consultant, these are the products I recommend most to help you and baby have a restful night.
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Children riding on scooters
Top 10 Toddler Toys
10 items that encourage creative free play and help get the wiggles out
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Ali and family
Best Baby Carriers
Does your little want to be held and carried all day long? Mine too! But, sometimes (a lot of times), we need to get things done. Here are my picks for the best baby carriers (and trust me, I've tried them all!).
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