4moms mamaroo bassinet in white
4Moms Mamaroo Bassinet Review: Cost, Pros, Cons, & More
Written by: Amy Roach
Published: December 16, 2022
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“Is your baby sleeping through the night yet?” may just be the most common question asked of you as a newborn parent. And the answer, all too often, is a defeated, “No, not yet.” This torturous lack of sleep is almost like a badge of honor for new moms and dads, but one we bet you’d rather not earn. Tried all the tricks already—swaddling and re-swaddling, rocking baby in every position, going for walks or drives, even begging the universe for sleep—to no avail?
Enter the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet, a “smart bassinet,” which claims to do all the work for you, rocking and soothing baby to hours of blissful rest. This latest tool in the get-baby-to-sleep arsenal is one our moms can’t stop raving about. Sound too good to be true? During our research for this Mamaroo bassinet review, we found many enthusiastic parents sharing their thanks for finally catching some Zs. Not sure if it’s the right fit for your little one? Our Mamaroo bassinet review will detail everything you need to know to make a decision.
In this article:
  • Can baby sleep in a Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
  • Who makes the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
  • What are the pros of the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
  • What are the cons of the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
Can baby sleep in a Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
Yes! The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet is specifically created to provide baby a safe space to sleep soundly. It was designed to mimic the natural bounce and sway motions that parents make when holding their babies. With multiple options for rocking motions, speed, and sounds—easily controlled on the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet itself or via an app—and a smooth, flat surface with breathable mesh sides, the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet has everything baby needs to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.
Who makes the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet is made by popular baby-gear brand 4moms. Based in Pittsburgh, the company uses a technology- and design-first approach to building better baby products. 4moms products are known for their clean, minimalist style and innovative tech. You can find their gear at stores like buybuyBaby, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.com.
What are the pros of the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
Moms and dads who love the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet cite its safety features, stylish design, ease of use and assembly, and mid-range cost among the reasons for its high rating. We also love that it is adjustable, moves and rocks in five different ways, is Bluetooth-equipped (control it via the 4moms app), has a timer to help set a bedtime routine, and boasts a max weight of 25 pounds, so it’s long-lasting. To provide a comprehensive Mamaroo bassinet review, here are some more key details:
The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet scores high on safety for several reasons:
  • It’s firm, flat sleep surface follows the AAP’s Safe Sleep Guidelines for newborns
  • Being able to adjust the height gives parents optimal visibility and accessibility to baby while sleeping
  • Mesh sides provide breathability and mitigate suffocation hazard
Chock full of features:
There’s a lot to love about the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet:
  • With five unique rocking motions and five speed options, you’re sure to find a combo that baby loves. Choose from car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing, and rock-a-bye.
  • Babies love soothing sounds! The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet offers four white-noise options: rain, ocean, fan, and shh.
  • Put those rocking, speed, and sound options together and you get high customization: 25 different settings in total!
  • The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet is Bluetooth-enabled so you can easily control it via a smart device, using the 4moms app. No need to tiptoe into the bedroom, praying you don’t wake baby, in order to adjust it!
  • Assembly is a snap, with no tools required for setup. Once it’s up and running, the unit is user-friendly and intuitive. It’s also easy to clean since there are no hidden pieces or parts—a quick wipe-down and it’s good as new.
  • The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet has extendable legs so you can easily adjust the height based on your needs. The bassinet moves up and down across 4.5 inches, making it easy to find a setting that is suitable for your bed height.
Stylish and practical design:
  • Made of plastic and aluminum with mesh sidewalls, it’s sleek and minimal. The monochromatic color scheme makes it easy to incorporate into any nursery.
  • With a weight of 30 pounds and dimensions of 34 x 24 x 39 inches with leg extenders and 34 x 24 x 34.5 inches without, it’s not prohibitively heavy or bulky.
  • Easy to accessorize with cute sheet options from 4moms
  • It comes with a waterproof mattress that is great for those inevitable accidents
  • The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet retails for $374.99, which is significantly less than the best-in-class products in the category.
  • 4moms also provides a one-year warranty on the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet.
What are the cons of the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet?
Overall, we’re big fans of this product! But you can’t do a Mamaroo bassinet review without sharing some of the common complaints:
  • Some moms and dads find the noise made by the rocking motions to be louder than desirable. The white noise adds to the sound factor—though its intent is to drown out other distracting noises for baby. Parents who were light sleepers before baby may have trouble getting used to the noise.
  • It turns off after 4 hours, which parents who are hoping to use the Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet to assist with overnight sleep cite as an issue.
  • The Mamaroo Sleep Bassinet does not come with wheels so you’ll need to pick the ideal spot for it and leave it there.
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