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How to Be a Minimalist Family
Written by: Lauren Reinhard
Published: December 16, 2022
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Today, it is more common than not for modern families to be busy, stressed, and bogged down with stuff and responsibilities. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with accumulating things or taking on a lot of responsibility, it makes it hard to focus on the small set of things that should be prioritized.
That’s why some parents have decided to transition to a minimalist family lifestyle. What is a minimalist, and why should you consider becoming one? Keep reading to learn more. This article discusses the basics of minimalism and how to be a minimalist.
What Is a Minimalist?
Minimalism is an ancient concept that generally refers to a design or style that uses the fewest amount of simple elements to create maximum effect. The origins of minimalism can be traced back to the art world, but the core elements of minimalism have been adapted to a lifestyle that aims to remove clutter in all areas of life.
The truth is that minimalism is a unique concept that will look different to each follower. One minimalist may focus on physical objects only but still carry on a busy and chaotic schedule. Other minimalists apply the concept to their entire lives, focusing on physical objects as well as schedules, relationships, and responsibilities.
Why Transition to Minimalism?
Most families that transition to minimalism do so out of a desire to slow down and focus on the things that are most meaningful to them. Between school, work, friends, activities, and other responsibilities, life can get overwhelming with both physical and mental clutter.
Minimalism forces you to strip away the things that you do not need or do not need to focus on. It makes more room for the things that you want to prioritize. Many families that have transitioned to minimalism feel less stressed, more at peace, and closer to those who mean the most to them in life.
Today, the family minimalist movement is strong, and there are entire communities set up to support the movement and those looking to make the transition.
How to Be a Minimalist
Just like there is no specific definition of what a minimalist family is, there is no specific handbook on how to be a minimalist. However, some practical steps can help you declutter and be on your way to living a more purposeful and clear life.
Plan and Prioritize
Becoming a minimalist family won’t just happen by accident or by getting rid of a few items and activities here and there. Embracing the minimalist lifestyle requires prioritizing and planning.
Start by deciding which areas of your life you want to declutter the most. That could be a house that’s overflowing with stuff. It could also be your double-booked schedule. Prioritize what you want to address first and make a plan to declutter.
Your plan should include actionable steps you can take right away to start removing noise from your life. Part of your plan could include taking a weekend to get rid of unnecessary items in your home or taking an inventory of your responsibilities and determining how you can wind some down.
Start Small
Experts in the minimalist lifestyle say it is not uncommon for the transition to take one to two years. Transitioning to becoming a minimalist family is just as much about learning to operate differently as it is about simply saying no to things or getting rid of belongings.
The most effective way to transition is to start small. Set a goal to donate or sell just a few items in your house each week rather than getting rid of everything at once. Instead of dropping all of your extra activities in one week, slowly wind them down over time to ease the transition.
Shift from Quantity to Quality
Becoming a minimalist family does not mean you have to give up things you like. Instead of buying the kids inexpensive, cheap toys all of the time, invest in fewer, higher-quality toys. This principle can be applied to other items in your home as well, such as clothing and furniture.
Outside the home, instead of running from activity to activity, pick one or two that you enjoy and can dedicate the most time and energy to.
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