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Learn how we care for our family members, our team members and the items we share with our community.

LoopCare is exactly that—it’s how we care for our family members, our team members and the items we share with our community. Your safety, and the health and wellness of our Members’ families are our top priority. It’s at the very core of Loop and the trust we’re building with our community. We will only share items with Members that we would be proud to bring into our own homes and those of our families and friends.

LoopCare is the system we designed and the standard operating processes we follow. It was designed, and is run, by operators with experience from Amazon, Tesla, GE healthcare and other great companies. We’ve invested significant effort to research, develop, train, and execute safety protocols for all our items.

We’re sharing our LoopCare methods with you so that you can make informed decisions for your family. And by sharing these methods, we also invite you to participate in these best practices to help ensure safe and clean products for your family and also for other families who will Loop items after you.

The LoopCare system has four key components: Build it Well, Keep it Clean, Always on Alerts, and the Safety Loop. •


Obsessing over safety and quality starts with the products we select to rent and how we build them. The products Loop rents must meet all relevant safety standards and protocols set by the US Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Loop purchases many new items, but also purchases pre-loved and gently used products to rent to our Members. Whether new or used, every product Loop buys is built and/or fully inspected by trained LoopCare Team Members to ensure that they meet all of these standards along with those of the manufacturers and our own internal guidelines for safety and performance.

Each product is then registered with the original manufacturer, cataloged and assigned a unique Babygear identification number or “Bin” (like a Vin for your car, but for our baby products). We use Bins to track every product including its status, location, and movement between Loop facilities and our Members’ homes. •


Just as the perfect Insta moment presents itself, the sweet potato puree is suddenly all over you, your baby, and your highchair. There’s almost no chance that you won’t spend part of your day cleaning up. That’s okay and it’s part of parenting. At Loop, we’re mindful to clean every item thoroughly with attention to every detail, so that anything that touches your baby or is in your home, is safe and clean for all.

Our products are cleaned to the manufacturer’s specifications between every Loop by our local Team Members and laundry service.

We take great care to use only the best non-toxic cleaning products. We also make choices to reduce our carbon footprint by using products and methods that reduce unnecessary waste and energy consumption.


  • Force of Nature
  • UVc Sanitizing Wand
  • Seventh Generation Dish Soap
  • Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes


  • Warm Water
  • Distilled White Vinegar


  • Electrolux 450 G Force Washer & dryer (Cold Water)
  • eOn Sanitizing Mist
  • Nellie’s All Natural Unscented Powder Detergent
  • Nellie’s Eco-Friendly Unscented Dryer Balls
  • Air Dried and Machine Medium Dried
  • BiSSELL SteamShot Deluxe Steam Cleaner

All of our cleaning products are child safe, eco-friendly and less harmful to the environment. •


At Loop, we’ve developed a system to monitor information about product recalls, recommended warranty repairs and other issues reported by manufacturers or other third-parties regarding any product and Bin in our catalog. Some services we subscribe to (and you can, too) include:

  • The US CPSC’s bimonthly list of recalls involving infant/child products
  • SKW’s (Safe Kids Worldwide) comprehensive bimonthly list of all child-related recalls collected from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and drug Administration and the national highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Stay up to date with the latest info on baby gear and toys. Sign up to receive Google Alerts on relevant news stories, manufacturers’ communications, and consumer reviews.

Our Always On Alerts service manages manufacturer information for you and can make compliance more convenient. This service is unique to Loop. When we learn of a safety issue or recall, our Member Experience team moves into action. We identify all affected Bins which are in Members’ homes and contact you with our multiple channels of direct communication (including email, SMS, phone and in-person communication with our delivery Experience Associates) to make sure we can get a response. After discussing the information, we work with Members to schedule a pickup. We also discuss potential substitute products they can use while we address the recall or safety issue. Loop keeps you informed and makes it easier and more convenient to take action on safety issues. •


When products are picked up and returned to Loop, they are fully inspected again for structural integrity, performance issues, any possible defects and potential repairs that would be required. Based upon these inspections, we determine the appropriate maintenance actions. Our trained Team Members maintain products and can make basic repairs. For more complex repairs, we work with manufacturers to ensure the proper safety and operation of every product.

If any product cannot be repaired and no longer meets our safety or quality standards, we dispose of it in an environmentally sound manner. We also donate and/or dispose of some products that meet our safety standards, but don’t pass our quality and esthetic standards. •

Learn more about LoopCare in our Summer/Fall issue of LoopLife, our magazine for Loop members

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