Published on Oct 11, 2022. By Pam Hait
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We understand that sleep is everything to a new parent. But getting into a consistent sleep routine is not always easy. We asked Brittany Sheehan, a pediatric sleep consultant and key member of Loop’s Village for help.

Brittany was introduced to Loop by a friend. Brittany thought that she wished Loop existed when she had my first child. Like many new parents, she’d spent money on products she needed for a brief time or the baby ger she bought turned out not to work for her family. She posted about Loop on her blog and, months later, she joined the Loop community.

Brittany was inspired to train to be a sleep expert when so many friends were asking her for advice with their babies’ sleep problems. She’s a mom of three. “I know what it’s like to have a newborn and you’re exhausted,” she said. She is certified by the cradle coach and the Association of Professional Sleep consultants.

In her experience, there is no such thing as a bad sleeper. But there are many exhausted parents who’ve tried everything and are overwhelmed. Usually, people call her after trying and failing to figure it out themselves, or they’re Type-A’s and want instructions. Either way, these parents are stumped, and sleep deprived.

Parents need to be committed to making a change. Brittany says, “You shouldn’t be seeking support from a sleep consultant unless you’re really ready to invest in making a big change. I start by explaining that you’re not going to go from having a baby who is up every 2 hours all night, has never taken a nap in his crib to one who sleeps from 7 to 7 and takes perfect naps.” She adds that you won’t achieve this type of result unless you’re willing to work for it.

Brittany describes her program as 40% about the information she gives parents and 60% support. “I can give you a perfect sleep plan but, if in two nights, you are questioning something, or you’re just needing a little encouragement, or you want to troubleshoot, having somebody who knows what they’re talking about and is going to encourage you and help you through it is what makes the difference.” She adds that it’s helpful when your support comes from an impartial third party, from someone who has no skin in the game but really understands what your child is going through.

At Loop, we work with new and expanding families who face new issues with the addition of every baby, while being sleep deprived. Brittany’s expertise helps parents get their lives back on track with a plan to restore regular sleep schedules for the whole family. Brittany often recommends Loop to new parents who are figuring out what products work best for them, inside and outside of the nursery. Even if things are going great and you have a newborn, you can still be tired and unsure of yourself sometimes. “There’s feeding stuff going on and, oh my God, my baby isn’t smiling yet.” They’re dealing with trying to cope with new dynamics within their family.”

Like the team at Loop, Brittany is like a trustworthy friend who’s gone through exactly what you’re going through now, as a tired parent. “Sleep is not one of the foundations of health, it is the foundation of health. You can’t make yourself a healthy salad or go for a run if you’re running on two hours of sleep.”

Her methods and support are effective. Liz from New York shared her success story, “Within two nights our baby was sleeping through the night and within a week he could put himself to sleep during nap time. This has truly changed our lives.” If you’re serious about tackling sleep issues with your new baby, Brittany can help. We’re excited to have her as part of our Loop Community. Please check out her site – for more sleep advice and the opportunity to get a 10% discount on her sleep courses with code LOOPBABY. •

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