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Rent expertly curated collections of high-quality developmental toys to match your baby's age and stage. Toys may differ from what's shown, based on availability.
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Average rental period · 2 - 3 months
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Recommended age · 0-24 Months
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Why We Love the Loop Curated Toy Box 

Introducing the improved and extended Loop Toy Box! Our beloved Toy Boxes now include six thoughtfully curated, premium developmental toys for your little one to enjoy up to 36 months.

Designed to foster your child's growth and development through play, this subscription service delivers a  selection of age-appropriate toys right to your doorstep every 2 to 3 months. You will always have the right toys to match your baby's age and developmental stage without all the clutter and waste. Your baby also stays engaged and continuously benefits from new challenges and discoveries!

*Toys below are indicative of what you'll receive, but may differ from what's shown based on availability*

0-2 Months:

  • Wee Gallery Safari Play Mat
  • SmartNoggin NogginRings
  • Wee Gallery Art Cards
  • PlanToys Play Gym
  • Wee Gallery Friendly Faces on the Farm Soft Book
  • Baby Shusher

3-4 Months:

  • Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim-Mobile To Go
  • Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Learning Cube
  • Wee Gallery Organic Crinkle Toy Owl
  • Montessori Spinning Rainbow Drum
  • Bannor Toys Classic Baby Rattle
  • Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Double Feature Mirror

5-6 Months:

  • Skiphop Explore and More Egg Shaker Trio
  • PlanToys Penguin
  • Montessori Ball Cylinder
  • Manhattan Toy Skwish - Color Burst
  • Hands Craft Soft Building Blocks
  • Taf Toys Sensory Crinkle Tissue Box

7-8 Months: 

  • PlanToys Baby Car
  • Manhattan Toy Classic Baby Beads
  • Bannor Toys Train Push Toy/Mini School Bus Toy
  • Montessori Object Permanence Box
  • Skip Hop Bath Toy Stack & Pour Buckets
  • Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

9-10 Months:

  • Bajo Car with Blocks
  • Fat Brain Toys OombeeBall
  • Bajo Rainbow Bow
  • PlanToys Activity Blocks
  • PlanToys Stacking Ring
  • Lilliputiens Fire Engine Activities Panel

11-12 Months:

  • Manhattan Toy Put & Peek Birdhouse
  • Djeco BabyPopi
  • PlanToys Oval Xylophone
  • Montessori Coin Box
  • PlanToys Pounding Bench
  • Haba 5 1/2" Baby Ball - World of Vehicles

13-15 Months:

  • Djeco Baby Tree
  • Manhattan Toy Musical Lili Llama
  • Wee Gallery Nesting Stacking Blocks
  • PlanToys Sorting Bus
  • Tegu Original Pocket Pouch
  • Le Toy Van Counting Book

16-18 Months:

  • Speedy Monkey Wooden Activity In the Jungle Bead Maze
  • PlanToys Shape Matching Puzzle
  • PlanToys My First Camera
  • Montessori Waldorf Wooden Sensory Bin Tool Kit
  • Q Toys Rainmaker
  • Le Toy Van Stacking Veggies

19-21 Months:

  • PlanToys Ramp Racer
  • The Busy Playbox Mushroom Sorting Set
  • PlanToys Stacking Rocket
  • Tender Leaf Toys Visual Sensory Tray
  • Montessori Lacing Tray Toy
  • Haba Motor Skills Board On the Farm

22-24 Months:

  • Le Toy Van Binoculars
  • Tender Leaf Toys Heads and Tails Dominos/Dinosaur Dominos
  • Haba Town Maze Magnetic Puzzle Game
  • Wooden Xylophone
  • The Busy Playbox Number Blocks
  • PlanToys Wonky Fuit & Vegatables

25-27 Months:

  • Le Toy Van Vintage Phone
  • Haba My Very First Games - First Orchard
  • The Busy Playbox Geo Shape Puzzle
  • PlanToys Stacking Tree
  • Speedy Monkey Rainbow Abacus
  • Wee Gallery Mix & Match Animal Tiles

28-30 Months:

  • PlanToys Nuts & Bolts
  • Montessori Wooden Balance Scale
  • Wooden Weather Station
  • BeginAgain Barnyard Shape Sorter
  • Tegu Magnetic Racer
  • PlanToys Classic Tea Set

31-33 Months:

  • Leo and Friends Double-Sided Alphabet Abacus
  • Djeco Animambo Tambourine, Maraca, Castanet Musical Instrument Set
  • Wonder & Wise Shapes of Emotion
  • kiko+ & gg* Hikoki Pull-Back Propeller Plane
  • Tender Leaf Clever Cat Memory Game
  • Le Toy Van Carlo's Gelato Stand

34-36 Months:

  • kiko+ & gg* Oekaki House Magic Drawing Board - Dog
  • Speedy Monkey Ukulele
  • Djeco Attachtou Tying/Fastening Wooden Skill Boards
  • Plantoys Build a Robot
  • Manhattan Toy Sunny Day Floor Mat Tic Tac Toe
  • PlanToys Kaleidoscope

Please note, Loop Toy Box is a subscription. You will be charged every month until your last toy box is picked up.  We will reach out to schedule a swap when your next age range is due. 



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Sanitized with products that are child-safe, eco-friendly, and gentle on the environment
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