VLUV LEIV 25.6" Premium Quality Self-Standing Sitting Ball with Handle

Provides wonderful relief for those last few Months of pregnancy or for the early infancy middle of the night rocking sessions.
Rent for $16 / mo.
Retails for $114
Loop delivers in NYC & SF Bay areas
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Average rental period · 1 - 4 months
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Recommended age · -
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Savings (renting vs. retail) ·  $82

For pregnancy and beyond, stability balls are a Parent’s best friend. Cradling and rocking your infant while on a stability ball can help your baby get to sleep while it also helps you get back in the physical swing of things after you’ve delivered. Stability balls (also called birthing balls or yoga balls) help your body stay in pelvic alignment while you calm your child in your arms. Stable and safe, double seams and the safe interior inner ball will not burst or roll away. 

What we love:

  •  Post-partum best friend
  • Great for problem sleepers – calming
  • Easy to move one-handed
  • Self-standing
  • Great for Stretching and Yoga
  • Washable cover
  • Cozy, warm, and soft seating option

Product features:

  • High quality YKK zip with concealed zip puller.
  • Cover made of durable, soft polyester for furniture
  • Double fell seam - will not burst
  • Bottom ring prevents rollaway balls
  • Clever handle – easy to carry with one hand
  • Stone Colored Canvas Fabric

Product size:

  • Height  29.5”
  • Weight 5 lbs
    Why Parents Love Loop
    Why parents love Loop
    Product Image
    Safety comes first
    Before and after every rental, our items are thoroughly inspected and sanitized. Every item must meet our rigorous LoopCare standards for safety and quality. Items that do not meet these standards are pulled from our inventory and repaired or replaced as needed.
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    Reserve on your time
    Once you select a Loop Membership and check out your items, we'll email you within two days to arrange delivery. If you're currently expecting, we recommend scheduling at least 2 weeks prior to your due date.
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