baby crying in her mother's arms with gas
Best Ways to Help Baby with Gas: Baby Gas Relief and Causes
Written by: Lauren Reinhard
Published: December 16, 2022
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Gas is unpleasant for anyone, but perhaps more so for babies, who can’t talk about their discomfort or seek out their own solutions. This is especially frustrating for parents, because who likes seeing their baby in pain?
Gas is common in babies, but there are many ways you can relieve and prevent bad cases.
Baby Gas Causes
Babies’ systems are sensitive, so there are many reasons why your baby could be gassy. Some common baby gas causes include:
  • Eating too fast
  • Eating too much
  • Ingesting too much lactose
  • Feeding in an awkward position
  • Intolerance to proteins in breast milk
  • Swallowing air from a baby bottle
  • Sucking on a pacifier
  • Crying
  • Hiccups
Your baby’s digestive system is still in its developmental stages, so their intestines are working hard on forming the flora necessary to properly digest foods.
How to Tell If Your Baby Is Gassy
How do you tell if your baby is gassy? What if they’re just tired or fussy for other reasons?
Fortunately for parents, a baby’s body language can be relatively easy to read. When babies are gassy, they might grunt or strain, or clench up their bodies. In some cases, your baby may appear fine one minute, and start crying the next. This could be from gas pain.
You can also evaluate whether your baby is gassy by listening to their tummy. If you hear gurgling noises, it’s likely their discomfort is from gas. If their stomach feels bloated or hard and distended, gas could be the culprit then as well.
Baby Gas Treatment
Thankfully, there are many ways you can help your gassy baby. Some babies find gas relief from being rocked in a child-safe seat or swing, while others require more hands-on treatment.
Try Moving Their Legs
Lie your baby on their back and gently bicycle their legs. This exercise helps with their intestinal motion, which can help expel trapped gas.
You can also try gently easing them into the Child’s Pose yoga position. This follows the same principle as bicycling.
Give Your Baby a Gentle Tummy Rub
In the hospital, when a nurse needs to help a gassy baby, they will often use massage to soothe gas bubbles. They use a method called “I love you,” which involves rubbing a baby’s tummy in a way that mimics the letters I, L, and U.
Moving your fingers gently along your baby’s belly in a gentle, smooth motion can help your baby pass trapped gas bubbles and relieve their pain.
Burp the Baby
Another method of baby gas relief is to try burping your baby. In some cases, one good burp can relieve gas pain and soothe your baby. Keep in mind this may take some time, so you may have to try burping your baby, let them relax for a few minutes, then pick them up and try again.
If you’re still not having success burping your baby, try some tummy time and see if that helps.
Be Conscientious About Feeding Times
It’s natural to wait until your baby starts fussing until you feed them, but if your baby is prone to gas, try feeding them before they start crying.
If you wait until your baby is crying, they will not only suck in excess air from the crying itself, but they’ll also likely gulp their milk down too quickly. Feeding your baby before they start crying can help them eat at a gentle pace that will promote a happy, non-gassy baby.
If you’re a breastfeeding mom, try unlatching and relatching baby a few times to help them manage milk flow intake.
Try Some Gas Products
If any of the above solutions aren’t working to relieve your baby’s gas, you can try baby products designed to ease stomach discomfort. There are many baby gas relief products on the market. They can be given on their own or mixed into formula or water.
You can also try reaching out to your pediatrician to get suggestions for products that can soothe your baby’s gas.
If you notice your baby is in frequent pain from gas and none of the above methods have worked, your baby’s doctor may be able to find a solution.
You’ve Got This!
Through all the trials and tribulations, have some grace and patience for yourself. You’re doing the best you can.
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