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About us
As parents, we knew there had to be a more sustainable, convenient and affordable way to raise a child. We all want the best for our babies, but we don’t want to deal with all the stuff: researching, buying, reselling, and storing when we only needed items for a few months. So we created Loop to help make parenting simpler and more enjoyable.
To share in the joy of modern parenting
Our community
Since 2020 we've been a part of 100+ families' lives, and have Looped over 1,000+ items.
Our team
We are committed to making your life easier, and we have fun while doing it. Many of us are parents and Loop members too.
Interested in joining our team?
Need A Hand?
Choosing the right bouncer or figuring out which toy to try next can sometimes feel impossible. Our customer experience team is here to help save you from decision fatigue.
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