About Us
As parents, we knew that there had to be a more sustainable, convenient and affordable way to raise a child.
We all wanted the best for our babies, but we didn't want to deal with all the stuff: researching, buying, reselling, storing, and returning all sorts of things we never knew existed, when we only needed them for a few months. And although these products were lifesavers, we didn't love the clutter, cost or environmental impact. So we created Loop to help make parenting simpler and more enjoyable.
In our own words
"As a parent of four, I've seen firsthand how the right baby gear can help a child develop and make parents' lives easier. I founded Loop to make this gear more accessible, without the overwhelm or environmental impact of buying."
— Henry, Saratoga
"I rented a SNOO bassinet for my second and it was a game changer. I realized that there are lots of incredible baby products that make sense for families to rent, without having to overthink the investment."
— Michael, San Francisco
"I enjoy finding the most sustainable products for my family, but I know not everyone has the time to do that research. I'm glad I can give busy parents the confidence that they're getting the best with our products."
— Kristen, San Francisco
"I've been working in the sharing economy for most of my career, so I've seen how it benefits families and communities. When I became a parent, I knew a rental model made perfect sense."
— Jeremy, Fremont
"I love a clutter-free home, but I looked around one day and saw myself surrounded by baby gear that we weren"t using. I wish Loop had been around three years ago!"
— Cherie, San Francisco
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