Frequently Asked Questions
How are items cleaned?
What is your SNOO safety and cleaning process?
Are Loop items used - what quality are these items in?
Do I need a membership to rent with Loop?
What are your standards for selecting items?
How does membership and billing work?
How can I give Loop as a gift? How does it work?
Where is Loop available?
I'm expecting. How do I prepare for baby's arrival?
How do I place Loop items on my registry?
What if I don't see the item I want?
How do I schedule a delivery?
How do I schedule a pick up or cancel my membership?
How quickly will I get my item?
What if I damage an item during use?
What if I lose an item during use?
What if I want to buy out my items?
What if I need an item for less than 1-month?
What if I want to swap my items?
How do I get instructions for using my item?
When do you retire items?
I love Loop! How can I help spread the word?
Will you take my other used baby gear?
Will I always receive the same color item that is pictured on the website?
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