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Save time, waste, and space by adding Loop baby gear to your Babylist Registry

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When you Loop, you're renting today's best gear

Rent from our curated selection of top-rated, like-new baby equipment and toys. Easily add to your Babylist registry and pre-schedule gifted items for delivery when you need them. Your items will arrive sanitized, packaging-free and fully assembled.
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We do all the hard work, so you can focus on what matters the most
Our gift to you: We'll set up your items in-home, up to a month before your due date at no extra cost. You decide when you want your nursery set up and we'll do the rest.
Our LoopCare promise: Items are like-new, delivered clean and disinfected with no packaging or manuals to deal with. We also handle all safety & recall monitoring.
Purchased gifts are converted to credits you can use for anything on site - even if it's not on your registry.
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How Registry Works

Add to your registry
Simply select “Add to Registry” on a product detail page - items will add to your Babylist registry, too!
Share with friends & family
It’s easy for them to find your registry by searching on Babylist or you can share your Loop registry link.
Schedule delivery
You’re in control of when items arrive. Once you’re ready, our expert delivery team will set up your items in-home.
Swap or return anytime
When you’re ready for something new, we’ll come drop off and pick up on your schedule.
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Our Registry Favorites

Need A Hand?
Choosing the right bouncer or figuring out which toy to try next can sometimes feel impossible. Our customer experience team is here to help save you from decision fatigue.
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