New Loop Refer a Friend Program!
Introducing: NEW Loop Refer a Friend Program!
Written by: Henry Vogel and Samantha Voltmer
Published: January 22, 2024
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THANK YOU for being an incredible part of our Loop family. We’re so grateful for all you do! As you know, we’re on a mission to enhance parents’ confidence and make your most important job easier, more joyful, and better for you, your family, our communities, and the planet! 
Sharing your Love of Loop is now EASIER and more REWARDING than ever. Share our mission and all the reasons you love Loop with friends and family. And, you can give them SPECIAL benefits for joining. Plus, you’ll get a reward as a thank you from us.
Together, you can save, grow, and make a positive impact!!
It's Easy
Easy Code– Your first and last name is your unique code 
Simple to Share – You can share your personal code with anyone, anywhere and anytime; in playgrounds, mom groups, and parent gatherings, etc.. 
Invite Friends Now – Log in to Loop, and invite friends to join our community
Your Gift to Them
$140 annual Membership instead of $200 ($60 savings)
33% OFF all their items for the first month 
And, no Service Fees on their First Order*
All the other great benefits of being a Loop Member:
  • Less clutter - No more storing stuff you no longer use. 
  • No Stress - Loop lets you try things out, every child & family is different. 
  • More Savings - Pay only for what you need and return when you are done.
  • Safe & Clean - LoopCare ensures all products are safe, clean, and ready for their next home. 
  • Loop Coverage - Membership covers normal wear + tear and minor damage. 
  • VIP Delivery - Includes assembly, delivery + in-home setup, and pickup.
  • Planet Friendly - Sharing is better for the planet, which means a greener future for our little ones. 
  • & Many Other Exclusive Member Benefits – including special promotions and offers, early access to sales, and more! 
Our Gift to You
$30 in credits to you for every new member who joins or new orders using your personal code
How to start sharing, in three simple steps:
  1. Share Your Code: Log in to your Loop account to find your unique referral code. It’s simply your first + last name in one word (i.e. JOHNSMITH).
  2. Spread the Word: Share your code with friends, family, and fellow parents.
  3. Enjoy the Benefits: Watch your community grow, enjoy savings, and bask in the joy of making a positive impact.
So, what are you waiting for? Start sharing now
*Disclaimer: Referral codes are valid for new friends on their first orders of $100 or more, which can include item rentals, membership, and other fees. Multiple promotion codes cannot be used at the same time or with other discounts or specials. You cannot use your own referral code.
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