4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet + Sheet

When it’s time for your baby to sleep, and you need a break or have things to do, the 4moms mamaRoo smart bassinet does the work of rocking and relaxing your baby for you. Its automatic gentle rocking motion can soothe your baby toward hours of bliss
Rent for $66 / mo.
Retails for $475
Loop delivers in NYC & SF Bay areas
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Average rental period · 1 - 5 months
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Recommended age · 0-6 Months
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Savings (renting vs. retail) ·  $277

The mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet provides the same natural motions as the 4moms mamaRoo baby swing but in a sleep approved bassinet. Its 5 unique rocking motions (car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing and rock-a-bye) and 5 speed options on a firm, flat sleep surface.

Why we love 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

It can also play one of the 4 white noise options (rain, ocean, fan and shh). It’s designed to mimic the natural bounce and sway motions that parents make when holding their babies, so it’s a sweet solution for both you and your little when it’s time to get some rest.

  • Multiple options for rocking motions, speed, and sounds are  easily controlled via the app
  • No need to risk waking your baby in order to make adjustments
  • Clean, minimalist style & profile won’t clutter your bedroom or stick out
  • Gets high marks for safety thanks to a firm mattress, adjustable height, and breathable mesh sides


  • Adjustable height
  • Breathable mesh sides
  • Suitable for use with newborns
  • Maximum weight: 25 lbs
  • To clean: Spot clean mattress, fabric and mesh; sheets are machine washable
Why Parents Love Loop
Why parents love Loop
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Safety comes first
Before and after every rental, our items are thoroughly inspected and sanitized. Every item must meet our rigorous LoopCare standards for safety and quality. Items that do not meet these standards are pulled from our inventory and repaired or replaced as needed.
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Reserve on your time
Once you select a Loop Membership and check out your items, we'll email you within two days to arrange delivery. If you're currently expecting, we recommend scheduling at least 2 weeks prior to your due date.
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