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Hatch Rest+

Combining the benefits of a sound generator, audio monitor, clock + a nightlight, the Hatch Rest+ is a must-have on most any baby registry.
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Average rental period · 1 - 6 months
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Recommended age · 0 - 4 years
Product Details

This all-in-one sleep device is mighty but small: with its sleek design and compact footprint, ithe Hatch Rest+ fits nicely in even smaller nurseries, and can travel with you easily.

Why we love the Hatch Rest+

  • Custom-color night light lets you choose from bright shades or cool hues 
  • Set the tone based on time of day, baby preference, or your mood that day
  • WiFi-enabled, you can control it from anywhere without disturbing your child.
  • Choose from a  library of sounds, white noise, and lullabies
  • “Time-to-rise” clock teaches helpful cues for naptime and mornings


  • Night light with customizable color choices 
  • LED alarm clock/toddler sleep trainer
  • Two-way audio monitor
  • Alexa- and WiFi-enabled
  • Backup battery
  • Toddler lock
Why Parents Love Loop
Why parents love Loop
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