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Snoo Leg Lifters

Best for the baby that needs slight elevation at the head to help with mild colds, stuffy nose or reflux.
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Average rental period · 2 - 5 months
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Recommended age · 0 - 6
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Why we love the Snoo Leg Lifters

The SNOO Leg Lifters are slip-resistant, elastomeric feet that keep your SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet securely in place on most surfaces. This product is used for babies whose doctors recommend elevating baby's head for mild colds, stuffy noses, or acid reflux by raising the head of the SNOO at a slight and safe incline. The SNOO Leg Lifters are compatible with both the SNOO's regular legs and low legs.


Easy to use

  • Leg lifters should be installed while SNOO is not in use and unplugged
  • Lift the side of SNOO where your baby’s head rests
  • Slide lifter onto each foot and push them on firmly
  • Confirm they fit snugly, without wobbling—SNOO Leg Lifters are ready for use!


*All products offered by Loop® are subject to LoopCare before being released to consumers. Loop is not affiliated with, partnered with, or endorsed by Happiest Baby Inc, the manufacturer of Snoo® products. All Trademarks are property of their respective owners.






Why Parents Love Loop
Why parents love Loop
Safety comes first
Before and after every rental, our items are thoroughly inspected and sanitized. Every item must meet our rigorous LoopCare standards for safety and quality. Items that do not meet these standards are pulled from our inventory and repaired or replaced as needed.
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