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Ali Weiss and her family
Meet Ali, Our New CEO!
A year and a half after our first delivery, Loop continues to grow and develop at an amazing pace! We’ve passed the “crawling stage” and are now “walking”, so we want to share some updates on our progress.
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woman in beige shirt holding her pregnant stomach
Best Books to Read While Pregnant
Pregnancy means you have a million things to do to prepare for your little one’s arrival. But pregnancy can also be exhausting and requires plenty of rest. The solution? A little light reading can hel...
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a mom and baby sleeping in a queen bed
What is a night nurse and do you need one?
Every parent of a newborn has faced that moment in the middle of the night when the baby is crying mercilessly and you’ve been pacing back and forth for hours thinking, I would do anything to get some...
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woman in white dress holding her pregnant stomach
Where to Rent Maternity Clothes
Shopping for maternity clothes that fit can be a hassle, and many of the best pieces can be expensive even though you’ll only get a few months of use out of them.  What if you could rent your maternit...
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newborn baby in red pajamas sleeping
Newborn clothing checklist: everything you need from Day 1
With so much to gather and prepare before a baby’s arrival, it can be a challenge to make sure everything a newborn could possibly need is ready for the big day. You’ve got the bassinet, the carriers,...
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